Due to several benefits they offer, ball picker uppers for ping pong are gaining popularity in the market. But, before making a purchase, you need to check certain factors. Through this blog post, we discuss tips for buying picker upper for ping pong.

It should be sturdy

Don’t buy ball picker if it is not made up of tough material. There is no use of spending money on something that’s going to become useless after few days. Check the company’s website/brochure to read about the claims related to the material used for developing this product.

Ball holding capacity should be good

When it comes to ping pong ball retriever, don’t settle for a product that holds a minimal number of balls. Buy the product that comes with the maximum ball holding capacity, without any compromise with the quality.


No doubt the picker comes with multiple benefits. But, this product shouldn’t hurt your pocket. There are several models on the market that are sold for highly economical rates.


The design should be so simple that even a kid can use the picking for collecting the balls. The aim of the picker is to ease up the life of ping pong enthusiasts. And therefore, using it should not appear as another hassle for those love ping pong.

The ping pong ball picker upper from Ballsboy comes with all the features one expects from a good product. The company also offers portable cricket ball picker upper.

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