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The BallsBoy BABO ball pickers allow players to spend more time playing and less time picking up balls. They have been invented, designed, and developed each with US patents for more play time.

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Ball Picker Upper Testimonials

Steve Roberts
Former Pro Baseball Player

"I haven’t missed a season in over 50 years. When you’ve played that much baseball, you’ve picked up a lot of baseballs. Definitely the worst part of batting practice. I have a batting cage and a couple of pitching machines in my backyard. Through the years I’ve developed a system where I kick the balls into a few piles and minimize the number of times I have to bend over to pick them up. I’ll take 6 or 7 rounds of BP and be left with 200 to 300 balls to pick up, the part of batting practice I dread. That’s until I was introduced to the BABO baseball picker. I absolutely love it! It has transformed shagging from a procrastinated chore to a relaxing way of catching my breath between rounds. I took BP on an open field the other day with a buddy and after he had used the shag tube for a while, he uttered a line that I think sums it up best, “Where have you been all my life!”. I’m surprised nobody brought this product to market years ago. It’s been long overdue. I’ve used it on astroturf, infield dirt, dry grass and weeds, and lush green grass. It works flawlessly on all those surfaces. I have taken more BP the last couple of months after being introduced to the BABO ball picker than I have in a long time because picking up baseballs is no longer a pain in the butt. Even the high school and college guys that come over to hit have begun to use it. At first when I showed it to them, they said they didn’t need it, but as their practice session wore on, I noticed they were all using it. And from that point on, every time I saw them hitting in the cage, they were using the Babo. It makes shagging too easy not to use it. Give it a try, you’re going to love it! And you’ll become a better hitter because you’ll take a lot more batting practice when shagging becomes easy."

Randy Wells
Former MLB Chicago Cubs Pitcher

"Ballsboy V is a game changer for coaches and baseball facilities. As a former major league pitcher and now a high school coach I do my fair share of shagging baseballs. Ballsboy V is a must for any coach or hitting facility. It's light weight and saves your back and makes picking up and baseballs quick and allow you to spend more time with your players."

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