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About BABO

BABO Sports ball picker upper product line is for Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Cricket, Golf, Table Tennis and similar ball sports. It is first of its kind in the world, US Patented.

Table-tennis has been a passion in our family for decades and the spin off from this is the development of BABO sports ball picker upper product line for various sports like Baseball, Softball, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and Table Tennis.

BABO maximizes your practice effectiveness by limiting ball picking up time and reduces back strain. Please visit the Testimonials to support the claims.

The product line design is a very simple, cost-effective and reliable. It is proven the design and it is ready for the huge global market. It can be made on a small scale to start with anywhere in the world. It is ready to address the global mass market with customization.

We have the expertise and know how to make this venture very profitable once the business licensing agreement is in place.There is huge opportunity starting from the ground level up if the established distributor party is ready to do sales and marketing.

Internet sales and marketing is also a tremendous opportunity for the experts in social media marketing. Our Research & Development has some exciting products in the pipe line in future.

Our patented utility design is very versatile in picking up various sizes of products in various industries and be able to automate the picking up and filtering process. We are willing to share our expertise if contacted.

BABO Tennis Ball Picker